Mercyful Fate ‎– Satanic Rites

  Label:  Cult Legend Recordings ‎– CLR 097 Format: 1 × Vinyl, LP, Picture Disc Country: Japan Released: 2018 Genre: Heavy Metal Heavy Sound Festival Popering, Belgium 10 June 1984 A01 The Oath A02 Evil A03 Curse Of The Pharaohs A04 Doomed By The Living Dead B01 Into The Coven B02 Black Masses B03 Gypsy B04 A Corpse Withou...
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Slayer - Captor Of Sin

  Label: Cult Legend Recordings ‎– CLR 055 Format: 1 × Vinyl, LP, on red vinyl. Country: Europe Released: 2016 Genre: Thrash Metal Show No Mercy-Tour in Berkley USA at Ruthie's inn on 31 December 1984 A01 Aggressive Perfector A02 Metal Storm / Face The Slayer A03 The Final Command A04 Captor Of Sin A05 Necrophiliac A06 Crionics...
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Slayer ‎– The Sickness Within

  Label: Oxygen ‎– OXY 009 Format: 1 × CD Country: Czech Republic Released: 1995 Genre: Thrash Metal Tracks 1 to 9 Recorded at "Monsters Of Rock", Castle Donington, UK, August 26, 1995. Tracks 10 to 15 recorded at Solnahallen, Stockholm, Sweden, December 16, 1994. Tracks 16 and 17 recorded at the Brixton Aca...
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Iron Maiden ‎– Killer Live

  Label: Not On Label ‎– PCE 645 Format: 1 × Vinyl, LP Country: ? Released: 2015 Genre: Heavy Metal / NWOBHM Recorded 08-30-2000, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, U.S.A. A01 Ghost Of The Navigator A02 Brave New World A03 Wrathchild A04 Two Minutes To Midnight A05 The Trooper B01 The Evil That Men Do B02 Iron Maiden B03 The Num...
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Venom - Black Metal Holocaust

  Label: Not On Label - None Format: Vinyl, LP, Yello w Country: UK Released: 2015 Genre: NWOBHM / Speed / Black Metal Aardschok Festival, Zwolle Netherlands, 11th February 1984 A01 Witching Hour A02 Black Metal A03 Die Hard A04 Leave Me In Hell A05 Countess Bathory B01 Bloodlust B02 Rip Tide B03 Schizo B04 In League With Satan
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AC/DC ‎– Live At Old Waldorf In San Francisco

  Label: DOL ‎– DOR 2111H Format: Vinyl, LP, 180 Gram Vinyl Country: Europe - (Russia) Released: 2016 Genre: Hard Rock Old Waldorf, San Francisco United States, September 3rd 1977 A01 Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be A02 Kicked In The Teeth A03 The Jack A04 High Voltage B01 Up To My Neck In You B02 Whole Lotta Rosie B03 Baby, Pleas...
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Mercyful Fate ‎– Welcome To The House Of Satan

  Label: Not On Label ‎– None Format: Vinyl, LP, Red Vinyl Country: ? Released: 2014 Genre: Heavy Metal Aardschok Festival, Den Bosch Netherlands, 25th June 1983 A01 A Corpse Without Soul A02 Doomed By The Living Dead A03 Black Masses A04 At The Sound Of The Demon Bell B01 Into The Coven B02 The Oath B03 Curse Of The Pharaohs B...
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Metallica ‎– Live At Hammersmith Odeon

  Label: DOL ‎– DOR2131H Format: Vinyl, LP, Album Country: Europe - (Russia) Released: 2017 Genre: Thrash Metal Hammersmith Odeon, London United Kingdom, 21st September 1986 A01 Master Of Puppets A02 For Whom The Bell Tolls A03 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) A04 Ride The Lightning A05 Whiplash B01 The Thing That Should Not Be B02 Fa...
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Type O Negative ‎– Live, Rare And Hard

  Label: Daniel Records ‎– DR 0294 Format: CD Country: Germany Released: 1994 Genre: Gothic / Doom Metal Tracks 7 to 11 (Carnivore) recorded live at the L'Amour, Brooklyn, New York, August 31, 1984 01 Machine Skrew 02 Summer Girl 03 We Hate Everyone 04 Suspended In Dusk 05 Christian Woman 06 Black No.1 07 Carnivore - ( Carnivor...
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Type O Negative ‎– Suicide Is Self Expression

  Label: Not On Label ‎– None Format: CD, Gold Print Country: Germany Released: 1994 Genre: Gothic / Doom Metal Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg Germany, 16th October 1994 01 Machine Skrew 02 Too Late: Frozen 03 Gravitational Constant: 6.67 X 10^-8 Cm^-3 Gm^-1 Sec^-2 04 Summer Girl 05 Paranoid 06 Xero Tolerance 07 Christian Woman 08 Pre...
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Slayer - At Dawn They Die!

  Label: Slaughterhouse Records ‎– SH-002 Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP Country: Europe Released: 2016 Genre: Thrash Metal Dynamo, Eindhoven Netherlands, 03th June 1985 A01 Evil Has No Boundaries A02 Captor Of Sin A03 Aggressive Perfector A04 Fight Till Death A05 Kill Again B01 Haunting The Chapel B02 Necrophiliac B03 Black Magic B04 D...
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Slayer - Live In Monteux 2002

Label:  Vinyl Passion Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP Country:  Europe (The Netherlands) Released: 2012 Genre: Thrash Metal Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, July 7, 2002. ​A01 War Ensemble A02 Stain Of Mind A03 Threshold A04 Postmortem B01 Raining Blood B02 Hell Awaits B03 Die By The Sword B04 Born Of Fire B05 Bloodli...
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Onslaught - Live In Gateshead 01-12-1984

Label:  Classic Series Format: CD Country: UK Released: 2012 Genre: Thrash Metal Recorded In Gateshead 01/12/1984                                    &nbs...
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Onslaught - Hell In Copenhagen

Label:  Thrash Till The Death Records Format: CD Country: UK Released: 2006 Genre: Thrash Metal Recorded live In Copenhagen: March 28th, 1987.                                ...
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Mercyful Fate - Denying Christ In Holland

Label: NONE Format: 4 × Vinyl, LP Country: United States Released: 2012 Genre: Heavy Metal Vinyl 1 & 2 Recorded in Ulicoten 25.09.1982. Vinyl 3 & 4 Recorded in Eindhoven 21.10.1982.                         ...
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Mercyful Fate - I Still Remember Dynamo

Label: TRR Format: 1 × Vinyl, LP Country: Germany Released: 2015 Genre: Heavy Metal Recorded at the Dynamo Open Air Festival - Eindhoven 30.5.1993. ​A01 Intro A02 The Oath (Incl. Drum Solo) A03 Curse Of The Pharaohs A04 Into The Coven A05 Egypt B01 Doomed By The Living Dead B02 Nuns Have No F...
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Slayer - Reign In Pain '87

Label: Saban Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP Country: Belgium Released: 1987 Genre: Thrash Metal Recorded at the Jaap Edenhall, Amsterdam 03/05/1987 ​A01 Raining Blood A02 Angel Of Death A03 Die By The Sword A04 Praise Of Death A05 Criminally Insane A06 Necrophiliac A07 Aggressive Perfector B01 Black Magic B02 Captor Of Sin B03 Reborn B04 Th...
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Iron Maiden - Somewhere On Tour '86/'87

Label: Stoned Records Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP Country: Spain Released: 1986 Genre: NWOBHM / Heavy Metal Recorded live at the Eissport-Halle in Graz, Austria, on September 15, 1986. A01 Intro A02 Caught Somewhere In Time A03 Two Minutes To Midnight A04 Sea Of Madness A05 Children Of The Damned A06 Stranger In A Strange Land B01 Wasted...
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Infernal Hail & Welcome

Infernal Hail and Welcome to Music From Hell. Satan's place on the WWW for showing off his private music collection. Lots of MP3 ripped from CD or VINYL. Some music items, like CD's, VINYL for sale in the Satan's webshop, some new, some used. Band Section ​All music in Satan's private collection, BEWARE enter this section and your soul belongs eter...
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